Nepal – Katmandu – Waisen- und Kinderhaus von HOPAD

HOPAD (Helpless, Orphan, Poor, Affected, andDalits) Child & Women Promotion Society is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the cause of aiding helpless children and women. HOPAD was established in 2005 by a consortium of human rights activists, social workers, and lawyers whose greatest passion is ensuring care for those in need. HOPAD rises to ensure that the children and women in need receive the care, opportunities, and training to succeed. HOPAD is also devoted to making the government aware of the conditions in which the needy are living and making adjustments to ensure these conditions are changed.

HOPAD’s focuses on two groups of people: women and children.

At the HOPAD Children’s Home, these children are provided with a safe, comfortable, and family-like atmosphere where they can receive food, shelter, education, and love.

The HOPAD Children’s Home is currently residing on the outskirts of Lalitpur in the district of Sainbu-3

Director: Mr. Purna Bahadur Khatri

Care Mother: Ms. Domanta KC